In addition to what you see as a consumer in our advertising and point of sale presentations we, like most companies, have internal policies that outline our goals and dictate how we operate.

Our guiding principles are published in the All Pro Employee Handbook as our “Mission Statement” and “All Pro Policies”.

They are included here to give you some incite into our corporate culture and what you can expect as our customer.

All-Pro Mission Statement

To sell auto repairs at a profit to a customer who will use us again.

We aspire to affect the repair correctly, the first time, for the amount quoted within the time promised.

We understand that though most of our customers are not thrilled about the need to spend money to have their car repaired, we will strive to make their visit to All Pro Automotive as painless as possible.

We understand what it is to be a consumer and we are committed to treating our customers in a professional and courteous manner, the same way we want to be treated.

We are proud to be able to offer a great job at a fair price. We understand that we can not be successful on the strength of a single repair per customer. We must establish an enduring relationship which will result in that customer using us time and time again.

All-Pro Policies

It is All Pro Policy to:

  • Not lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those who do
  • Treat customers and coworkers with common courtesy and respect
  • Not to abuse customer or company property
  • Perform all work consistent with professional standards
  • Honor our commitments to our customers, coworkers and vendors
  • Operate in accordance with all city, state, and federal regulations

There are ample repair opportunities available on nearly every vehicle we see. It is our responsibility to point out legitimate repair needs to our customers, nothing more. If we recommend a repair it will be only because it is necessary; if a customer agrees to a repair, he will receive that repair, nothing less.

It is your responsibility to adhere to these principles of good business and obligation to report any violation of these standards by anybody.

Failure to do so makes you complicit.